NBE records CD!

Banchieri : Contrapunktus Bestialis : The Cat
After more than 20 years as a concert ensemble, and a few years after everybody else in the music business have agreed that CDs are outdated, passé, a thing of the past, NBE have set about recording its first, and possibly last, studio album. All the music will be exclusively arranged by Hans Petter Stangnes and Stian Aarskjold. Unconfirmed r [...]

Ingrid Bjørnov gives cornet to Bolivi...

Ingrid Bjørnov og kornetten på vei til tine@munch-festivalen. Etter en siste opptreden blir kornetten donert til ungdommer i Boliva gjennom Musicians Bridge
Pianist Ingrid Bjørnov and her cornet are gearing up for the tine@munch Music Festival (12th – 14th June). The pair will make a last appearance on stage together during the festival, after which the cornet will be donated to Musicians Bridge and shipped to Bolivia, where it will continue its adventure with young music pupils. Follow Ing [...]

Madrid : Music in your Veins

Erik Eilertsen, Petter Winroth
We are heading back to Europe after over two intense weeks packed with impressions and inspiring encounters. Before returning to our hometowns, we’re spending an extra day in Madrid to play a house concert in the studio of Juan Alberto García de Cubas, founder and director of the non-profit association Música en Vena (Music in Your Veins). He [...]

In music we are all equal

In music we are all equal
In the heart of the Misiones Wednesday 30th april – San Ignacio Before the (long) return journey towards Santa Cruz, this early morning we visit the third music school during our two days in an Ignacio, FASSIV, which is impressive in a very special way. In FASSIV – Fundacion de Ayuda Social San Ignacio de Velasco; “Foundatio [...]

From European courts to the Bolivian ...

Banchieri : Contrapunktus Bestialis : The Dog
The jesuit missionaries, and later the fransiscan, brought the music from the courts of 16th and 17th century Europe to Bolivia’s most remote areas. We do the same with our festival programme of European baroque and renaissance music (although this music is obvious [...]