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From European courts to the Bo...

The jesuit missionaries, and later the fransiscan, brought the music from the courts of 16th and 17th century Europe to Bolivia’s most remote areas. We do the same with our festival programme of European baroque and renaissance music (although this music is obviously no longer unknown in Bolivia). With this concert, Nordic Brass Ensemble takes […]

Music from the Missions

Sunday 27. April “The Missions”, or Misiones de Chiquitos is the name of the area where the Spanish jesuit missionaries operated in Bolivia from the end of the 17th century. In this indigenous area, they used music as a way to make contact and create trust with the population. They built churches, and initiated the […]

You will improvise this

Travelling and working in Bolivia is not always very predictable. We were told that the Coro y Orquesta Urubichá were eagerly waiting for us; they would play for us, we could play for them, maybe even play a little bit together, and that “you will improvise this”. NBE are no strangers to this concept. We strongly beleave […]