The jesuit missionaries, and later the fransiscan, brought the music from the courts of 16th and 17th century Europe to Bolivia’s most remote areas. We do the same with our festival programme of European baroque and renaissance music (although this music is obviously no longer unknown in Bolivia).

With this concert, Nordic Brass Ensemble takes you on a musical tour, starting in Spain around the year 1500 with music by the mathematician and composer Bartolomé R. de Pareja. We criss-cross renaissance Europe, before visiting England during the Elizabethan era (1558-1603), with William Byrd’s “The Earle of Oxford March2. After this, we follow the missionaries’ route all the way to beautiful and – to us – exotic Bolivia, and play an instrumental suite of the Guarani songs that we performed earlier on this tour with the Arakaendar and Palmarito Choirs. We are very happy to include in our programme some of this country’s proud musical heritage, written by anonymous Chiquito composers in the 17th century. Returning to Europe, we visit Italy (Gesualdo), Austria (Biber), Germany (Scheidt), and England again (Dowland) – because this music is just too beautiful to miss. In Italy we linger a little while longer to enjoy Adriano Banchieri and his facination for creating small dramatic works using the madrigal style, but with characters and a storyline (the madrigal comedy). His ’Contrapunctus Bestialis’ was revolutionary in its time, and still today it is an absolutely crazy piece of music, involving the sounds of cats, dogs, cuckoos and a cow. Finally, we jump forwards in time and finish our journey in 18th century Germany, wih three movemens from J. S. Bach’s famous and fabulous Brandenburg Concertos.

The programme:
European Tour
– Mundus et Musica et Totus Concentus [Bartolomé Ramos de Pareja (1440-1521)]
– Dit le Bourguygnon [Anónimo]
– Danza Alta – sobre “la Spagna” [Francisco de la Torre (1460-1504)]
– Hopper Dancz “Routi Bouilli” [Johann Weck (1495-1536)]

The Earl of Oxford March [William Byrd (1539-1623)]

Chiquitos Suite [Anónimo]
– Ã che Ángele
– Ase ánge tarove reko
– Tupãsy Maria
– Ave María Guaraní

Tristis est anima mea [Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa (1560-1613)]

Sonata a 6 – ‘Die Pauernkirchfahrt genandt’ [Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704)]

La Battalgia ‘Concerto Primo’ [Adriano Banchieri (1568 -1624)]

Contrapunktus Bestialis 
Selection from Festino nella sera del giovedi grasso avanti [Adriano Banchieri (1568 -1624)]

Galliard Battallia [Samuel Scheidt (1587 – 1654)]

Flow my Tears [John Dowland (1563 – 1626)]

Brandenburg Suite [Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)]
– Concerto no. 6, Ist movement
– Concerto no. 1, IV Menuet-Trio-Menuet
– Concerto no. 2, III Allegro Assai

We have performed this programme in Trinidad, as a gesture of support from APAC to the people suffering from the recent floodings, in the magnificient jesuit cathedral in San Ignacio and in the intensely charming church of the small, enchanting village Santa Ana.

We are looking forward to playing the programme again in La Capilla Jesus Nazareno y Grabacion in Santa Cruzb (thursday 1. May kl 2030), as well as an extra concert afterwards at the Museo del Arte in honour of our new friends in Arakaendar Choir, who have been insisting on hearing us play some newer music as well. This ‘encore-concert’ will feature Nordic folk dance tunes, Argentinian tango, Italian popular music, Zawinul’s Birdland and top hits by Queen.