We are heading back to Europe after over two intense weeks packed with impressions and inspiring encounters. Before returning to our hometowns, we’re spending an extra day in Madrid to play a house concert in the studio of Juan Alberto García de Cubas, founder and director of the non-profit association Música en Vena (Music in Your Veins). He organizes concerts in hospitals for cancer-patients and others undergoing treatment for serious illness, as well as their friends and families, healthcare workers and others who work in such environments. They operate on 14 hospitals in Madrid, and  truly make a huge effort to lighten the severeness for these people if only for a little while.

Music has a great influence on people. It is present in all cultures and accompa- nies us throughout our lives, even when we are in the womb, through the rhyth- mic beating of our mother’s heart. We are all able to hear and appreciate melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. Who has never been moved when listening to a piece of music?

Music in Your Veins is a non-profit-making association which was initially aimed at cancer patients. This is still the main target, although the demand in hos- pitals from other patients, as well as the availability of certain infrastructures which can hold more than 300 people, have seen MiYV broaden their field of operations.

The association’s key work is aimed at patients and relatives, although it also seeks to promote live music and the creation of new environments for the development of musical activities.

–  www.musicaenvena.com

Our concert will feature a wide scope of our repertorie, from jazz trio to full ensemble. We look forward to discussing the possibilities of future projects in collaboration with Señor Cubas.

Musica en Vena – presentation folder

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