NBE concert – “menu”

Repertoire suggestions and program outlines

The NBE has several concert concepts and program suggestions, and can adjust its repertoire to fit many settings. 

An example of an evening concert with NBE in two halves: In the first half we present our early music repertoire, with composers such as Praetorius, Gesualdo, Banchieri and Philidor. The second half contains a mix of various styles, with music from the 20th century, as well as contemporary (Kagel, Eisler, Henze, Lutoslawski, and others), also including folk music, jazz, rock and ‘popular’ music such as Joe Zawignul’s Birdland and top hits by Queen.

Most, and sometimes all, arrangements are made exclusively for NBE by the ensemble’s musicians.

The following list presents some other program concepts the NBE can present:


Dancing Brass
10 brass and percussion

Dance music from the 14th century up until our own time.
Can be presented with dancers and/or picture slideshow.

Examples of composers/works: Susato, Beethoven, Gade, Henze
Suitable for: children’s-/family concert, school concert, entertainment concert


The Music of the Cold War
10 brass and percussion

Music by composers who, for different reasons, found themselves in opposition to the strong and polarized political landscapes forming after WWII, in the Soviet Union, East-Germany and USA. The music selected for this program is inspired by the jazz styles that emerged and developed in Europe and America in the 1930s and 1940s.

Examples of composers/works: Weill, Eisler, Shostakovich, Kagel, Ives
Suitable for: concert


Old Wines in New Bottles
10 brass and percussion

A mix of different style music arranged by NBEs own musicians into a new setting or genre.

Examples of composers/works: Wagner, Bach, Lutoslawski, Stravinsky, Poulenc
Suitable for:


Music in Our Time
10 brass and percussion

Music by 20th and 21st century composers from both the Nordic countries and around the world, specially adapted for NBE.

Examples of composers/works:, Corigliano, Henze, Kagel, Linkola, Takemitsu
Suitable for: concert


Some Animals at a Carnival / Animals at an Exhibition
10 brass and percussion

Includes movements from Camille Saint-Säens’ “Carnival of the Animals” as well as other pieces about animals by various composers, such as the Pink Panther Theme and Old Gumby the Cat.

With narrator or pantomime. May also include child actors and/or child choir.
Suitable for: children’s and family concerts, school concerts


Music from the Courts of Europe / European Tour
10 brass and percussion

Renaissance and baroque music by composers such as Praetorius, Gesualdo, Banchieri, Philidor, Telemann and J. S. Bach, as well as music by 18th century indigenous Bolivian composers.

Examples of composers and works: Praetorius, Lully, Bach, Händel, Roman, Banchieri, Gesualdo, Philidor, Cabanilles
Suitable for: concert, school concert

Glory of Christmas
10 brass, percussion and choir

Christmas music spanning from the 13th to the 19th century

Examples of composers/works: Bach, Handel, Schmelzer, Corelli, Scheidt
Suitable for: concert, church concert


Brass and organ
10 brass and organ soloist

Music from the romantic era up until the 1930s.

Examples of composers/works: Elfrida Andre, Hartmann, Karg Elert, Gigout, Dupre, Franxcaix
Suitable for: church concert