“This is the best brass ensemble album I have ever heard.”
– Kare Eskola, YLE

“Enkelte ganger tar det bare sekunder før man skjønner at en plate er helt der oppe.”
– Trond Erikson, Den klassiske CD-bloggen

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“The sheer intelligence behind this project may overshadow the fact that the Nordic Brass Ensemble plays these selections so beautifully.”
 – The Vinyl Anachronist

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“Outstanding is a word that some would agree is overused in the English language, but it describes this group perfectly.”
– Gary Mortenson, International Trumpet Guild Journal (TGJ)

“You can clearly tell that they enjoy making music together. The enthusiasm in their playing is infectious, and there is a fantastic sensibility to dynamic contrasts.”
 – Magnus Haglund, Göteborgs-Posten