Concert :
sat. 30th January 20pm
Auditorio de Centro Social, San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain

Will NBE make it to the concert in time…??? Whenever there is a NBE project, the musicians travel from their homes all across Scandinavia. Time is always precious, and challenges regarding travel schedules, flights and the treacherous Scandinavian weather always keeps us on edge. On one occation the whole group was stuck in Oslo prior to a Bolivian teaching tour. That time, at least we were all together in one place. One other time, two musicians – incidently carrying everybody’s music pads for the concert – got stuck in a snow storm in Trondheim, then got stuck again in Amsterdam. After some hectic rebookings of flights, the music and musicians arrived at the venue less than one hour before the concert. Playing with the NBE is never anything but exhilarating, every part of the way from the airport terminal throughout the meeting with the audience.

NBE is proud to perform at the 29th Semana Musical Internacional Vicente Lillo Cánovas. The program will be a festive mix, with music that is joyous, pious, celebratory, lamentive, crazy, festive and very beautiful. After the interval we move forward in time, presenting our own renderings of music by classical, romantic and 20th century composers.

European Tour
Mundus et Musica et Totus Concentus (Bartolomé Ramos de Pareja 1440-1521)
Dit le Bourguygnon (Trad.)
Danza Alta – sobre “la Spagna” (Francisco de la Torre 1460-1504)
Hopper Dancz “Routi Bouilli” (Johann Weck 1495-1536)

La Battalia (Adriano Banchieri 1568 -1624)

Sacre du Roy
Libertas (François D. Philidor 1726-1795)

Battalia á 10 (Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber 1644-1704)

Dance Suite from Terpsichore (Michael Praetorius 1571-1621)
Intrada Fanfarria
Bransle Gay Semel
Bransle Gay
Ballet de Roy

* * *

Hanns Eisler Suite (Hanns Eisler 1898-1962)
Andante Eroico (Orchestral Suite no. 5 op 34)
Intermezzo (Orchestral Suite no. 5 op 34)
March (Orchestral Suite no. 5 op 34)
Capriccio über jüdische Volkslieder (Orchestral Suite no. 2 op 24)

Variations on a Tyrolean Folk Song (Arban/Harvey)
Solo: Rune Brodahl, horn

Cerezo Rosa (Louis Guglielmi 1916-1991)

Tango Jalousie (Niels Gade 1817-1890)

Carpaccio Italiano  (Collection of Italian folk- and popular tunes)