About NBE

The Nordic Brass Ensemble, NBE, was founded in 1993. The ensemble has, since its beginning, focused on developing its own musical ideas and concepts of sound. NBE has a vast repertoire, spanning from early music through the music history to our own time. Most of the repertoire is arranged exclusively for the ensemble. NBE performs regularly in the Nordic countries, and has in recent years also toured Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and South America.

The NBE consists of musicians from the professional symphony orchestras in Scandinavia, including the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Oslo Philharmonic, Gothenburg Symphony, Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, Trondheim Symphony and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Early music has always been a special facination for the ensemble, and in 2016 we released the CD ‘European Tour’ with music from the rennaissance and early baroque.

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The NORDIC BRASS ENSEMBLE is a group of 11 musicians (10 brass + percussion). For each project, the ensemble is formed from a pool of musicians from different parts of the Nordic countries.

This is a list of the most regular members of the group:


Hans Petter Stangnes, trumpet

Hans Petter Stangnes

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Jon Behncke

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Brynjar Kolbergsrud

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Erik Eilertsen

Danish Radio Big Band

Joakim Agnas

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra


Rune Brodahl

Norwegian National Opera Orchestra


Geir Anfinsen

Norwegian National Opera Orchestra

Niklas Almgren

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Endre Rydland Vetås

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Ole Jørgen Melhus

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Johan Wiklund

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Gabriel Boezi Gjerpe

Norwegian National Opera Orchestra


Morten Agerup

Freelance, formerly Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Magnus Bjørgo

Norwegian National Opera Orchestra


Heming Valebjørg

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Hans Petter Vabog

Norwegian Army Band, Northern Norway


Contact / booking Nordic Brass Ensemble :

Hans Petter Stangnes
+47 901 93 744
hpstang @ mac.com